Icon Pop Quiz Foods Answers

By | August 16, 2013

Get ready for this 17th of August 2013 weekend specials you will unlock food category for alegrium game quiz game, so be prepared and see icon pop quiz foods answers for every picture solution 😀
solve all 16 images of weekend specials foods cheats with detail explanation for each walkthrough :

Foods Level 1: Baguette (bread)
Foods Level 2: Caviar (purple dots making fish shape)
Foods Level 3: Cheese (orange circles on yellow background)
Foods Level 4: Croissant (3 rectangles and 2 round shape on each side)
Foods Level 5: Fish and Chips (fish shape and yellow rectangle on white square)
Foods Level 6: French Fries (yellow and orange rectangle with red color under it)
Foods Level 7: Ice Cream (circle with brown white pink color)
Foods Level 8: Macaron (oreo / cupcake with 8 different colors)


Foods Level 9: Muffin (3 chips on cake)
Foods Level 10: Penne (a sharp pointy rectangle with yellow and orange color)
Foods Level 11: Pie (brown circle like button)
Foods Level 12: Popcorn (red and white line)
Foods Level 13: Ramen (pink spiral on white circle)
Foods Level 14: Ravioli (italy flag background with brown square on the middle)
Foods Level 15: Sushi (pink and white rectangle)
Foods Level 16: Taco (mexican hat / sombrero color)

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