Icon Pop Quiz Songs Answers

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Now we have weekend specials for songs category unlock on this alegrium game quiz game :D if you can’t figure out the music title, then name them easily with the list of each picture icon pop quiz songs answers for every hints that you see on the picture
there are 16 images of weekend specials songs cheats with explanation for each help solution :

songs level 1 : baby one more time (girl with pencil)
songs level 2 : bohemian rhapsody (4 heads)
songs level 3 : harlem shake (man with white helmet)
songs level 4 : paradise (elephant on bike)
songs level 5 : y.m.c.a (4 people with different costume outfit)
songs level 6 : thriller (red and black color)
songs level 7 : yellow submarine (eyes from yellow pipe)
songs level 8 : payphone (phone booth)


songs level 9 : gentleman (legs dancing)
songs level 10 : lemon tree
songs level 11 : born this way (skull face woman with pony tail hair)
songs level 12 : single ladies (pointing ring on finger)
songs level 13 : suit & tie (man in suit)
songs level 14 : genie in a bottle (genie)
songs level 15 : call me maybe (555-6041 xoxo)
songs level 16 : get lucky (4 people with guitar)

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