Icon Pop Quiz Star Wars Answers

By | August 17, 2013

Are you fans of star wars movie ? then it will really help you to name most of the characters and items on this game by alegrium. And if you stuck on some of the picture, see the complete solution here in icon pop quiz star wars answers with detail description for each images 😀
solve all 16 images of weekend specials star wars cheats with detail explanation for each walkthrough :

Star Wars Level 1 : mace windu = brown face with purple lightsaber
Star Wars Level 2 : scout trooper = white face with black eyeglasses
Star Wars Level 3 : tusken raider = black eye circle and triangle mouth
Star Wars Level 4 : clone trooper = black triangle upside down with small square on white background
Star Wars Level 5 : slave leia = bikini bra
Star Wars Level 6 : millennium falcon = grey plane
Star Wars Level 7 : emperor’s royal guard = red shield face
Star Wars Level 8 : snowtrooper = black eyeglasses on grey and white background


Star Wars Level 9 : death star = round planet with green line
Star Wars Level 10 : padme amidala = white face with red dots on cheek and red lips
Star Wars Level 11 : jawa = black triangle with 2 yellow circle
Star Wars Level 12 : asajj ventress = white face with black hood
Star Wars Level 13 : grievous = black skeleton eye and mouth on white color
Star Wars Level 14 : greedo = green alien with blue eyes
Star Wars Level 15 : anakin skywalker = round black eyes red rectangle on grey helmet
Star Wars Level 16 : palpatine = hand with blue lightning bolt

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