Icon Pop Quiz Thrones Answers Weekend Specials

By | May 28, 2013

If you watch the television drama series Game of Thrones, then you should play this alegrium game weekend specials category and guess the character name ! Use icon pop quiz thrones answers for the logo picture that you stuck and pass all the puzzle 🙂

you will see the image detail explanation for all icon pop quiz weekend specials thrones cheats :

thrones level 1 : Drogo (body with 8 blue scars)
thrones level 2 : Varys (brown coat)
thrones level 3 : Sandor Clegane (man with blood on head)
thrones level 4 : Arya Stark (girl with sword)
thrones level 5 : Bran Stark (crow / raven)
thrones level 6 : Jaime Lannister (man with hand blood)
thrones level 7 : Melisandre (woman in red dress and fire)
thrones level 8 : Drogon (dragon)


thrones level 9 : Daenerys Targaryen (3 eggs)
thrones level 10 : Jon Snow (man with wolf)
thrones level 11 : Viserys Targaryen (man and water drop)
thrones level 12 : Tyrion Lannister (small man)
thrones level 13 : Joffrey Baratheon (blonde haid with crown)
thrones level 14 : Petyr Baelish (man with brown and grey hair)
thrones level 15 : Gendry (bull skull / helmet)
thrones level 16 : Renly Baratheon (shadow backstab man)

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