Jack-O-Lantern Cafe World

By | October 15, 2010

Jack-O-Lantern Cafe World ! new buildable item on cafe world !

jack o lantern on cafe world

Celebrate Halloween by inviting special guests to your cafe ! Ask your friends to help you carve the Jack-O-Lantern ! Place him in your cafe and once you finish it spooky halloween patrons will visit your cafe !

how to get jack-o-lantern in cafe world ?
you can find jack o lantern in functional > special items, you can choose free jack-o-lantern assembly and drag it on your cafe to start build it or purchase more with 20 cafe cash


jack o lantern materials parts :
8 knives
8 spoons
8 marker
8 candle


carve your jack-o-lantern to have spooky halloween patrons visit your cafe !

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  • alan

    dose not work…. built it and not a thing happen no candy in right hand side of screen …. all my friends can do it but i can t…..

  • Olivia

    How do i get my jack-o-lantern to apply towards the mission “trick or treaters 1” ? It says i need to “acquire” the jack-o-lantern, but i had it before those missions even showed up. I tried putting it back away and then going and putting it out again, but it still won’t show up as counting. It’s the only thing i still need still to finish that mission and it won’t let me go further. What should i do? Thanks.