Jackalope Society Missions Frontierville

By | September 23, 2010

Jackalope Society Missions Frontierville 🙂 there are 4 jackalope quest available and when you finish you can unlock badges missions and jackalope lodge

frontierville jackalope society missions

jackalope society goals :
1. Jackalope Society Initiation
2. Invite Friends To The Jackalope Society
3. Learning The Secret Handshake
4. The Jackalope Lodge

here are frontierville jackalope society quests :
GOAL: Jackalope Society Part 1
1. Harvest Five Corn
2. Sell Five Adult Chickens
3. Buy One BBQ Grill

GOAL: Jackalope Society Part 2
1. Collect Ten Jackalope RSVP
2. Visit Two Neighbors

GOAL: Jackalope Society Part 3
1. Get 10 Secret Handshake
2. Buy A Jackalope Lodge

GOAL: Jackalope Society Part 4
1. Finish Jackalope Lodge
2. Buy Four Goats

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  • Ignacio

    How do you start or get these missins? i cant find the way to start it.

  • jacky

    Until you finish the 1 million-coin quest!

  • Kelly

    Not true, I didn’t complete the million coin quest and it appeared on mine.