Kalaquli R Solution

By | July 11, 2013

Now we’re continue for the second part of room escape game by 58works : kalaquli r solution, so if you missed the first part then take a look the guide for kalaquli r walkthrough 😀
You wake up in an unfamiliar room… explore around the house to solve the hidden mysteries and escape from the ninja house

kalaquli r answers :

now you’re on upstairs, press the door on the right wall to open
get a blow gun and use it to kill the enemy
move forward
use the gold on the box then pick up the key

go back to the first floor
go to the right, and zoom in the shelf
use the key to open the box then get a white stick

go back and move right
zoom in the device on wall, place the white stick to the device
the red color will change into green

slide the door to the left and go to up

get the candle, use the stick to reach the item on top right
get a wooden pallet

zoom in the paper on the left wall
use the wooden pallet to the paper and remove it
remember the symbol :
moon – flower – bowl
the real color for each objects are : yellow – red – blue

back to the room with lantern
place the candle and plate together, then put it back to lantern
remember the positions of the circle

go to upper floor
press the wall on the right
change the circles like the lantern’s code :
o – o
o – o – o
o – o
open the door and get a handle

go left and zoom in the switch on the wall
change the color into : yellow – red – blue
use the handle on the small block on right
the ladder will appear and you can escape the kalaquli r

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