Kalaquli R Walkthrough Room Escape Game

By | July 11, 2013

Break out of the ninja house now ! play this iphone game by 58works, search the hints for this room escape game on this kalaquli r walkthrough so you know what to do when you stuck and don’t have any more moves to go with 😛
and because of this tutorial is very long, i will separate it into 2 part so you can read them easily 🙂 let’s start with the 1st part !

kalaquili r room escape solutions :

zoom in the circle screw on the wall, then pull both screws to open the door
go right twice then zoom in the plant on the right
get a metal stick on the left
go left and use the metal stick to pick up the wooden plate

go right twice, pick up kunai weapon on the floor
slide the door to left and right so it open
go to the garden

select kunai from inventory and press the enemy
look on the bamboo wall there’s a code : o – o o – – – o
zoom in the stone pillar on the right, get another wooden plate
zoom in the stone pillar on the left, pick up the helmet ornament (crescent)
go back and move right
click the helmet and place the crescent on it
the wooden table will open, get the 3rd wooden plate

go to the right twice and click on the plant
count the colors of the food :
pink = 5
green = 4
white = 3

go left twice, open the door and click the hatch
slide the board down to see 4 circles, press the colored circles into :
pink 5 symbol
white 3 symbol
green 4 symbol
get 4th wooden plate

go to the right and open the floor
put all the wooden plates into the spot
you must make these symbol : o- oo — -o

move forward
look on the right picture, a plant with something on the ground
slide the picture to the right and get the scroll

go right
get a stick on the right, then click on the lantern
press the lantern bottom side to get a plate

go left twice
open the scroll from inventory then look at the arrow direction
press the switch in this order :
top left – bottom left – middle top – middle bottom – top right – bottom right
a ladder will appear

go to the garden
zoom in the left stone pillar
use the wooden hor to press on the plant
get a gold

back to the ladder and go up

now we will proceed to part 2 of kalaquli r cheats

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