Kingdoms and Quests Guide

By | September 8, 2011

Zynga new game kingdoms & quests will be released on facebook soon, but they already released the guide on zynga support, look for some tips and triks to play this game below 🙂
here are the kingdoms and quests guide

How to Play Kingdoms and Quests ?
Make progress in Kingdoms and Quests by: earning experience, exploring through fog and defeating challengers. Multiple paths are available at start, pick one and let the adventure begin!

Experience is gained to reach higher levels and unlock parts of the game. Represented as a blue star, experience can be collected across the world. Most tasks will result in gaining experience.

Energy is a rough count of the number of tasks you can do in any given play session. Energy refills are awarded upon gaining a level. They can also be acquired from friends or purchased from the in-game market. In addition, small amounts of energy can be harvested from Fountains and found in battle.

Fog covers uncharted land in each kingdom. As you explore, the fog will roll back and reveal the rest of the world.

Resources are items used to complete any in-game task unrelated to combat. Your primary resources (coin, wood, food and cash) are displayed in the top bar. Your secondary resources (e.g. stone) can be found in your inventory. They’re used for everything from upgrading buildings to recruiting new units.

Cash is used to purchase premium goods (such as units and energy) and to serve as a purchasable alternative to in-game tasks (such as staffing a building or finishing some quests). It can be purchased through clicking on Add Cash at the top of the game, or through various in-game prompts.

Equipment is used to gain advantages during combat. Each item provides a different bonus. Equipment can be most easily purchased through the store. In addition, it can be made by turning in crafting collections or at various buildings on your home island.

Information about each item can be found by hovering over the piece of equipment in your inventory, in the store, or while equipped to a unit.

How do I trade in Kingdoms and Quests crafting collections for equipment ?
To trade in crafting collections :
1) Select the crafting icon represented by the hammer and anvil on the navigation menu.
2) Click the ‘Craft’ button next to any completed collection (it will be lit up).
3) Your new equipment can be found and equipped from your inventory.

The neighbor bar is used for interacting with your friends. You can send gifts, private messages and check their progress through it. In addition, you can see whether or not friends are currently “online”
– click on the envelope next to a friend’s photo to send a private message
– send a gift by clicking on the gift box next to a friend in the ladder
– if a player has an element icon next to their name, rather than the home kingdom icon, you can visit them on their map and play Kingdoms & Quests with them in real-time!

Kingdoms and Quests Army Units

How do I recruit Army Units ?
Army units can be recruited at buildings with sword icons above them. Stronger units can be recruited when a building has been upgraded and any other requirements have been satisfied.

How do I manage Army Units ?
Select the soldier icon in the bottom-right menu to add, store, and remove units from your army.

How do I assign equipment to army units ?

To equip an army unit with a weapon:
1) Purchase a weapon item from the marketplace. Select the shopping cart icon to access the marketplace.
2) The item is placed in your inventory, so click the icon in the bottom-right with the backpack on it.
3) Hover over the purchased item and click ‘Use.’
4) Equip the desired army unit by selecting ‘Equip’ beneath the characters image.

Kingdoms and Quests Combat
Yes, combat! It is the main form of progression Kingdoms & Quests. By defeating monsters, you will be able to progress further into the game!

How do I initiate a battle ?
To initiate a battle, approach and select an enemy character obstructing passage on a map and select ‘Attack.’

What is a battle flag ?
Battle flags invite your friends to help you defeat a difficult enemy. In addition, you can click on a friend’s flag to help their squad beat a difficult enemy. Battle flags can be placed after your squad has been defeated in a battle. Any battle flag will stay until an enemy has been defeated by you or you friends.

How do battles operate ?
All combat battles are turn-based. Look for the turn indicator represented by a rotating circle to see which friendly unit is ready to attack. Select the desired enemy unit to attack with the current unit. This process will repeat until all friendly or enemy units have been defeated.

Important items of note:
– Enemy characters will always be located on the right hand-side of any battle.
– Each party can have a maximum of 4 active units in battle; reinforcement units for both parties will be located in the upper corners of the battle window.
– Active weapons will be displayed in small icons next to army units.
– Hover over friendly and enemy units to units to display character attack and health stats.

How do I defeat difficult enemies ?
Enemies are not always easy to defeat. Here are some tips to bring down difficult characters:
– Upgrade recruitment buildings and recruit stronger units.
– Equip army units with the best equipment for any given battle.
– Have your friends help you (via battle flag), or have them place a battle flag themselves!

Can enemy characters reappear after I have defeated them ?
Enemy characters have a chance to come back after a period of time. Defeating an enemy never ensures they will not return for another battle.

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