Kingdoms and Quests on Facebook

By | September 8, 2011

After the announcement of zynga’s new game : adventure world they will releasing another one : kingdoms and quests on facebook too~

but first they will closed some games :
Warstorm, Scramble, Pathwords and Word Twist will shut down on September 30, 2011.

why are the zynga games shutting down ?
Zynga goals is to bring players the most fun and social games on the web, but despite a strong and passionate community, they have decided to shut down Warstorm in 30 days and focus their efforts on bringing new and innovative games to players.

if you paid for these games please contact support for information, because Zynga’s Customer Support department will transfer what you have spent plus 10% to another zynga games of your choice.

anyway, the use of app “Kingdoms & Quests” has been restricted for some people :
Error while loading page from Kingdoms & Quests

you can try this game on :

explanation for Restricted Game Access:
Attention fellow heroes! At this time access to Kingdoms and Quests is limited to the country of Australia. Please check back for news and updates while the adventure is stuck down under. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Kingdoms and Quests will be available worldwide soon!

they already fixing some things first before release it for all :

Items/concerns under review:
– gifts sent by friends are not always being received
– trigger points on trees and other map points are off making clicking difficult
– only one action can be clicked at a time, actions to not queue or stack
– stone (resource) drops at a unbalanced rate
– enemy characters respawn too fast
– friendly units take turns in battle, cannot decide
– removing boulders behind demolitionist does repeats same messaging
– out of Sync (OOS) are frequently prompted, forcing refresh of the application
– inability to customize name of hero character
– path arrows cause a distraction
– ability to retreat from a losing battle

source : zynga support

so far no preview or fan page on facebook yet for zynga kingdomes & games, only 1 picture on top 🙁

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  • daniel

    need help finding fan page for Kingdoms and quests?
    i need neighbours to be able to move forward with gifts and quests please help…….