Kuruma Walkthrough Room Escape Game

By | October 23, 2012

A room escape game with a car is finally on iphone ! read kuruma walkthrough here if you stuck and can’t progress with solution, there are some hint that you need to find and keys too !

how to play kuruma :
inside your inventory tap the item once to select and use it, tap the item twice to examine it

here are the answer cheats :
you can see the door to exit
move twice to the left and tap the middle wall to get a golden key
put the golden key into the left key holder on the wall
take another key
put the silver key into the right key holder on the wall

look at the pattern on the wall (bottom left)
it’s a shape for the safe
click the safe and tap :
middle left
top left
bottom right
middle right
take a remote control inside


go to the left and on the bottom right hole there’s a mini remote control car
double tap the remote and press the red button

move to the right 2x check the number across the fence : 2846

move to right and look behind the car
there are 4 white lines
select the remote control car and put it on the floor
use the remote control and press red button

the mini car will move underneath the big car to move a box
you can find it in front of the big car
enter the code : 2846 and get a key

go to right key holder and put this key, you will get another key shape
go to left key holder and put this key, get a golden key

back to the box that you open before
put the remote control car facing down (on top)
then press the red button from remote control

get the mini car to inventory
put the golden key inside and put the remote control car
press the red remote control
the fence in front of the door will be down
get a golden key inside the box on the ground
use it to open door


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