Land Of The Death Walkthrough

By | October 17, 2013

On this halloween 2013 Amphibius Developers already prepare a zombie game for you to play ! find out how to escape the living dead and solve the puzzle game in land of the dead walkthrough below 😀
there’s already hints on the game, click on the paper on top right to see all you need to do so you can finish this escape game :
– find the radio
– repair the vehicle
– find the map
– escape

here are the land of the dead cheats to complete each list :

to find the radio you can talk on the guy inside the bar, he already have the radio but we need to find his missing card
go to the right in front of the guns store, you can pick up 2 items on the street :
coin and ace card
give him the card and you will get the radio out from the list 🙂


use the coin on the parking meter and remember the numbers
you can use these numbers on the cashier machine on the bar and get 5 dollar
use the money on slot machine and play until you get 1 coin

continue to Land of the Dead : Z video guide :

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