Let’s Escape Walkthrough

By | November 14, 2013

Let’s Escape Walkthrough how to escape each stage puzzle and find the key to open the door
Another huge escape game by mobest media will be published this week. Get ready for “Let’s Escape” that will coming soon to iphone and android

all stage cheats :

let’s escape level 1 walkthrough :
tap the pillow on the sofa to get the key, open the lamp table with this key
get the cd and put it on the laptop, look at the bird picture for the hint for the code : 7394
tap on these circle from cabinet :
x – – – –
0 0 0 x 0
– x – – –
0 0 x 0 0
– – – – x
get key to open door

let’s escape level 2 walkthrough :
open the box on the floor with scissors on car
look at the car’s plate : I AS 1513 BO for the box lock code
tap the panel on right to change the direction using handle to :
top right – top left – top – bottom right

let’s escape level 3 walkthrough
get cable from box, use it on washing machine
get paper from trashcan put it on the washing machine
enter code to the box on shelf : 1410
get screwdriver from toolbox and open the radio

let’s escape level 4 walkthrough
get battery from bed and ball, get key under the bear
open the cabinet for box, open right cabinet door place 2 batteries and box for code 6734
enter the code in the middle and get hammer
break the left door and enter : ball rose bear plane

let’s escape level 5 walkthrough
get cloth from right chair, knife from right drawer
use knife on cake and take key
open right cabinet door on top with key for paper
open fridge for chocolate
open oven place chocolate then get coin
use cloth on the paper = 911
enter code on drawer for card
find the other coins and open door


let’s escape level 6 walkthrough
get key under pillow and open bottom drawer cabinet for bottle
open table drawer for usb
tap the book and get sdcard
get paper from ashtray
use the bottle on paper, reveal the code
place usb on computer enter code 19613
open last drawer : 241

let’s escape level 7 walkthrough
get key and paper on whiteboard
open table door for wrench and paper
enter 2509 on left door for ipad
open cabinet for bottle color
open table drawer for box
enter the code on ipad :
2 0 0
3 1 0
4 5 0
use the wrench on skeleton spine for key

let’s escape level 8 walkthrough
get scissors on drawer, get paper under chair
get box 2 from plant, use scissors on it for key
open top drawer for bottle
get pliers behind painting
use bottle on red paper on painting, clean with paper
open drawer code : 5741
unhook the painting on left with pliers
enter :
x x x 3
x x x 4
x x x x 5
x 2

let’s escape level 9 walkthrough
get cutter on right hole
enter 11913 on tredmill
use cutter on trampoline for key
open cabinet for pliers
use it on dartboard and enter 5162

let’s escape level 10 walkthrough
get paper from table, magnet from blanket
rope behind hat
use magnet on fishtank for iron
tap right stereo legs for screwdriver
use screwdriver behind the flower
unlock the tv drawer for blue book
enter 4 6 1 3 on bottom drawer for cd
put it on cd player and watch the flower color on tv
enter the color on the drawer for key

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