Letter Swap Cheats

By | July 9, 2013

Play alegrium game where you need to swap the letters into a correct word, on every puzzle number there are 4 words you need to solve. Use letter swap cheats to see what are the words 🙂
The picture shown in each level is your clue to the answers. Challenge yourself to find the 4 words that relates to the image by swapping the letter tiles.

letter swap level 01 answers :

level 1-0 : apple, fruit, red, leaf
level 1-1 : panda, bear, bamboo, tree
level 1-2 : baby, kiss, cute, hair
level 1-3 : burger, fries, fork, ketchup
level 1-4 : kids, hand, fingers, paint
level 1-5 : waiter, bakery, shirt, tray


level 1-6 : sweets, chocolate, dessert, pastry
level 1-7 : island, snorkeling, fish, underwater
level 1-8 : dog, puppy, cat, tongue
level 1-9 : chicken, egg, hen, rooster
level 1-10 : cookie, gingerbread, plate, milk
level 1-11 : dice, letters, domino, chips


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