Little Lingo Cheats

By | July 25, 2013

A brand new Txt and Lingo Quiz game by Juxta Labs, Inc that you can play on your ios device : ipod, iphone and ipad 🙂 use the little lingo cheats if you stuck on one of the question !
Do you know what L8R, IDK, and WEG mean ? what about NUB, BRB, and BTW ? See if you know your internet lingos ! Little lingo will test your skillz. Use coins 2 buy boosts if you get stuck !

little lingo answers level 0 – 20 :
Level 0: thanks = what are you expressing if you say “THX”
Level 1: favorite = what does “Fave” mean
Level 2: little = Translate: lil
Level 3: please = What does “PLZ” mean
Level 4: excited = How do you feel if you text someone this: \o/
Level 5: car = What is your “ride”
Level 6: laughing = What does “haha” mean
Level 7: floor = What are you rolling on if you “ROFL”
Level 8: someone = What does “some1″ mean
Level 9: troll = What would you call an obnoxious person on the internet
Level 10: pizza = What do you want when you ask for a “P-ZA”


Level 11: in real life = “IRL” stands for what
Level 12: i love you = Translate: ILY
Level 13: hasselhoff = Who is The Hoff
Level 14: excited = How do you feel if you’re “psyched”
Level 15: best = What does the “B” in BFF stand for
Level 16: dumb = Define: derp
Level 17: anyone = Who is “Ne1″
Level 18: go = What do you have to do if you “G2G
Level 19: disapproval = What emotion does this convery? o_o
Level 20: stole = If someone tries to sell you something “hot” how did they get it

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