Little Lingo Level 21 – 40 Answers

By | July 25, 2013

Here are the next 20 solutions for little lingo level 21 – 40 answers with every question so you can search the one that you don’t know the solution for ! use the random letters and hints to guide you solving the words 🙂
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little lingo cheats level 21 – 40 :
Level 21: good one = What is a “G1″
Level 22: no problem = What does “NP” mean
Level 23: crazy = If someone is “nuts” what are they
Level 24: welcome = What does the W in YW stand for
Level 25: that = Translate: dat
Level 26: facebook = What is FB
Level 27: good night = What are you telling someone if you say “GN”
Level 28: jail =If you’re in the “slammer” where are you
Level 29: boss = Who is the Honcho
Level 30: food = “Grub” is a term for what


Level 31: nevermind = What does “NM” mean
Level 32: taylor swift = Who is the girl in the couple known as Haylor
Level 33: really = What question are you asking if you ask “RU4Realz”
Level 34: see you = Translate: CYA
Level 35: car = If you talk about your “whip” what possession are you referring to
Level 36: tomorrow = What does “TOM” mean
Level 37: people = Define: peeps
Level 38: without = “W/O” means what
Level 39: haters = What might a rapper call those who disapprove of him
Level 40: with = What does “w/” mean

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