Little Lingo Level 41 – 60 Answers

By | July 25, 2013

Walkthrough for the internet slang that you might hear every day for little lingo level 41 – 60 answers so most of them are common lingo language 😛 can you guess the words for every question ?
Txt and Lingo Quiz game by Juxta Labs, Inc

little lingo cheats level 41 – 60 :
Level 41: no big deal = What am I telling you if it’s “NBD”
Level 42: shoutout = What is a “S/O” on Instagram
Level 43: dumb = What attribute does an “Airhead” have
Level 44: new = A “noob” is _ to a game or skill
Level 45: wish = What does the first “W” in “WYWH” stand for
Level 46: Underwear = Drawers is a term for what
Level 47: Food = What do you want if you need some “Chow”
Level 48: Know = What does the “K” in “IDK” stand for
Level 49: Relaxing = What are you doing if you’re “vegging out”
Level 50: Sick = Texting “7K” means what


Level 51: crazy = If something is called “Bananas,” what is it
Level 52: buttox = Define: Badonkadonk
Level 53: ugly = Translate: Toe Up
Level 54: known = What does the “K” in AKA stand for
Level 55: girl = What is a “Chick”
Level 56: bad = If something is “weak sauce” what is it
Level 57: frequently = What does the “F” in “FAQ” stand for
Level 58: bothering = If I’m “hassling” you, what am I doing to you
Level 59: happy = What emotion does this convey? 🙂
Level 60: ben affleck = Who is the boy in the couple known as Bennifer

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