Little Lingo Level 61 – 80 Answers

By | July 30, 2013

Solutions of little lingo level 61 – 80 answers for the internet slang that commonly used on internet language, read the question and use the random letters to find the words !
Txt and Lingo Quiz game by Juxta Labs, Inc

little lingo cheats level 61 – 80 :
Level 61: yeah right = what does “YR” stand for
Level 62: because = “BC” stands for what
Level 63: brave = If you have “guts” what are yo
Level 64: rest = The first “R” in “R&R” stands for what
Level 65: by the way = What does “BTW” stand for
Level 66: one thousand = How many dollars are in a “grand”
Level 67: excitement = What is “hype”
Level 68: fake = Define: knockoff
Level 69: rate = What does the “R8″ part of “AAR8″ mean
Level 70: instagram = hint: What is “Insta” short for


Level 71: location = If you ask someone for their “A/S/L” what is the “L” that you’re asking for
Level 72: leave = If you “ditch” someone, what do you do to them
Level 73: just for fun =If something is “J4F” what is it
Level 74: is not = What does “ain’t” mean
Level 75: no way = If I respond to a question with “NW” what do I mean
Level 76: kiss = What action does this symbolize: (‘}{‘)
Level 77: ammunition = What is “ammo”
Level 78: silly = “Cheesy” means what
Level 79: i dont know = Translate: IDK
Level 80: live = What does the “L” in “YOLO” stand for

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