Little Lingo Level 81 – 100 Answers

By | July 30, 2013

We finally reached 100 stage on this guide, i think you will also learn some new slang from this game right ? here are the little lingo level 81 – 100 answers of every question that available, with the word description so you can search the solution easily :D
Txt and Lingo Quiz game by Juxta Labs, Inc

little lingo cheats level 81 – 100 :
Level 81: franklin = Whose face is on “C-Note”
Level 82: dude = What is a “d00d”
Level 83: relax = To “Chill” means what
Level 84: high five = What action does this symbolize o/\o
Level 85: soon = What does the second “S” in “SYS” mean
Level 86: house = Define: pad
Level 87: humble = What kind of an opinion do you have if you say “IMHO”
Level 88: evil = What does this mean >:-)
Level 89: voice mail = What is a “VM”
Level 90: money = what is “scrilla” another word for


Level 91: forward = Translate: FWD
Level 92: probably = What does “prolly” mean
Level 93: spend = If I “blow” all my money what have I done with it
Level 94: boring = If you say “ZZZ” in response to something, what are you calling it
Level 95: for sure = Define: fo shizzle
Level 96: wait = What does it mean to “w8″
Level 97: busy = What are you if you’re “BZ”
Level 98: excuse me = If I say “XME” what am I telling you
Level 99: loud = What does the “L” in “4COL” stand for
Level 100: these = What does “deez” mean

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