Locked Mystery Box FarmVille

By | March 1, 2010

Locked Mystery Box FarmVille ! starting february 26, 2010 when you plowing plots of land you can found a buried mystery box.

farmville locked mystery box

but this one is a special mystery box, because you will need to signed up for the farmville email updates if you want the items inside the buried mystery box on farmville.

When you find one you will see this pop up :

You just uncovered a buried mystery box while plowing.
Check it out in your gift box !

When you want to put the locked mystery box from your gift box on your farm you will need a passcode, you can select:
Get Passcode or
enter Passcode

how to get passcode for locked mystery box ?
The passcode will be given via email… so if you have not signed up to receive emails from farmville, you can select Get Passcode.

and you will see this pop up :

Want the prize inside ? We can email you the code after you sign up for farmville emails !
Sign up to get your code ! ( click here for privacy policy )

If you have already signed up for farmville email updates, the popup will ask if you would like the passcode emailed to you.

If for some reason the passcode is not emailed to you within 24 hours, select Get Passcode will send the email to you again.

Once the passcode is emailed to you, you can select Enter Passcode to unlock the Mystery Box. You gift will be delivered to your Gift Box upon opening.

What items do you get inside locked mystery box on farmville ?
here are the locked mystery box prize :
Golden Chicken
Mammoth Statue
Totem Pole
5 Fuel Refills

note that this buried mystery box is not available for all players right now 😛

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  • Lois

    Sweet, I have yet to find one but I will be looking out for them for sure.

    Will they become available to all players?

  • rose.herren

    I have signed up for emails and have not got any and i also have tried to download the toolbar and got a spry warning and would not load it also tried on firefox and it will not work!

  • michael john rosales

    what is the passcode of the locked box in farmville?

  • ariel van gertos

    please give the pascode and i will be a good farmer i will not let the plants to die please

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  • Presario

    You will get the password to your e-mail.

  • roccy

    i have the box also,, tried to get the pass by email ut im not getting it,, pretty annoying

  • steacy

    not getting the passcode either!!!!!!!!! how frustrating

  • Shey

    I CAN’T GET IT! I would hate to delete or sell the box because of what I might miss. I am really mad at it.

  • mika

    i dont know where is the passcode???

  • ella

    can someone who has opened the box give us the code i cant open it.