Logos Pop Level 61 – 70 Answers

By | January 16, 2015

Logos Pop Level 61 – 70 Answers Cheats and Solution to solve all brand logo name that you can’t reveal through the square blocks ! Reveals 6 blocks and read the hints to get more help solving your puzzle ! How many of brand logos can you guess in this Logos Quiz game?
Logos Pop Quiz Game – Guess the puzzle what’s that brand name? By Lucerotech LLC

Logos Pop Level 61 : ADIDAS
In , a German man created a sneaker that he named after himself. This brand became the most popular athletic shoe in the world.

Logos Pop Level 62 : BENTLEY
This car brand is the direct successor of Rolls-Royce Motors, which Volkswagen AG purchased in .

Logos Pop Level 63 : JACK DANIELS
‘Old Time Tennessee Whiskey’.

Logos Pop Level 64 : CALVIN KLEIN
A fashion house founded by American fashion designer that he named after himself.

Logos Pop Level 65 : DAEWOO
Prior to the Asian Financial Crisis of , this company was the second largest conglomerate in Korea after Hyundai Group, followed by LG Group and Samsung Group.


Logos Pop Level 66 : GUESS
This American clothing line brand is famous for its jeans and iconic black-and-white ads, featuring a number of supermodels, such as Claudia Schiffer and Eva Herzigova.

Logos Pop Level 67 : HUGO BOSS
A German luxury fashion brand, named after its founder.

Logos Pop Level 68 : KRAFT
The world’s second largest food group, after Nestle.

Logos Pop Level 69 : BOEING
One of the world’s leading aerospace companies, and the largest manufacturer of commercial jetliners and military aircraft.

Logos Pop Level 70 : LINUX
This operating system powers of the world’s top super computers.

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