Lords Of The Fallen English Language Patch

By | October 29, 2014

Having problem with language on lords of the fallen game because you want to change it from russian but can’t ? then find the Lords Of The Fallen English Language Patch here, so you can understand the gameplay 😛
There is no “Language” available in the game’s “Properties”. Neither INI files seem to have any language option nor registry.
there are 2 lines in settings.ini file but changing the language in it doesn’t affect the game
game_language_text = english
game_language_voice = english

but thanks to DerFred now we have the patch for Lords Of The Fallen english language, this patch supports EN, SP, FR, IT, GER text language and FR EN GER voice over language.

All you guys have to do is to extract that package to your installation folder and run the batch file : Lords Of The Fallen English Patch

WINDOWS will say it is virus but it works, so turn off your antivirus program.
its no virus, it’s a batch file. The included exe files are just hexedit-ed to force other languages.

How-To install “Lords of the Fallen (RU) Language Changer” :
– Place the exe in your game installation folder
– Run and follow the questions

If you have already applied the old patch -> 2 options:
– Run the old batch tool and choose Defaults (should be enough)
– Or delete the Lordsofthefallen.exe in the /bin/ folder and the contents of the /audio/ folder and let Steam repair your installation

Change Log:
– Completely rewritten in C#
– Reduced size from 250mb to 10kb – lol
– Supported voice over languages: EN, GER, FR
– Supported text languages: EN, GER, FR, IT, SP, RU
– Will patch your existing .exe file of the Game – no prepatched files are included anymore
– Should be compatible to upcoming Patches
– Changed the first “Patched?” question to be more clear – more noobfriendly
– Added text support for: PL
– Added text support for: CZ

Important for users of the old .batch file method:
Step1: Delete the files in /audio/ subfolder and the Lordsofthefallen.exe in the /bin/ subfolder
Step2: Let Steam repair your installation
Step3: Run my new patch with opiton 1 at the beginning

If you already used this new patcher and the STEAM patch turned everything back to Russian:
– Just run the new EXE patcher and use option 2 “Steam patched my game” each time there is a new patch.