Mafia Wars Bite The Ice Mission

By | December 24, 2013

Alex Nash will guide you with mafia wars bite the ice mission to get a superior armor : wintertide !
when the devil’s in the mailbox, all hell breaks loose.

A mission event is a series of missions with objectives that give rewards on completion. This is a limited time event, which will run for 15 days.

Complete each mission to progress on the mastery bar and earn rewards.
Complete the 2nd mission to earn the bronze mastery reward.
Complete the 5th mission to earn the silver mastery reward.
Complete the 9th mission to earn the gold mastery reward.

You can unlock two bonus mission on completing the 8th mission, before the event timer runs out. On completing these missions, you will gain another gold mastery reward.
Unlocking the bonus missions will extend the event timer by 24 hours.

earn these reward on completing bite the ice mission event

objectives walkthrough :

mission 1: mafia wars early gift
– fight 200 opponents in brazil
– job: watch the fight
– collect from your truck shop 2 times

mission 2: mafia wars tangled lights
– rob 160 times in south africa
– acquire 50 henchmen
– declare a war 1 times

mission 3: mafia wars mixed up merchandise
– fight in 5 shootout arenas
– job: help out at the shipwreck
– build 2 armor from your “armory”

mission 4: mafia wars moment of clarity
– ask for 2 pyrochuck from mafia
– win 240 fights in london
– deal damage in shootout arena to loot 15 pyrochuck

mission 5: mafia wars respond to sender
– loot 30 pyrochuck from job : threaten to expose the royal
– rob 200 times in chicago
– ask for 4 pyrochuck from mafia

mission 6: mafia wars tricky situation
– loot 240 pyrochuck from fights in south africa
– job: escape a federal agents raid on your distillery
– declare a war 2 times

mission 7: mafia wars holiday rush
– clear 80 robbing boards
– acquire 100 vehicles
– ask for 5 power cards from mafia

mission 8: mafia wars friendly hearth
– collect from your shipyard 6 times
– job: monitor coast guard patrols
– deal 6000 damage in mob fury arena

mission 9: mafia wars search party
– ice 120 opponents in london
– declare a war 3 times
– deal damage in shootout arena to loot 35 pyrochuck

mission 10: mafia wars gatecrasher
– get 40 arena ices in shootout arena
– ask for 7 pyrochuck from mafia
– job: join forces with the mafia

mission 11: mafia wars party time
– loot 45 pyrochuck from job: host happy hours on board
– deal damage in shootout arena to loot 35 pyrochuck
– ice 200 opponents in chicago