Mafia Wars Daniella Deuce Combos

By | December 12, 2012

Get gaboon viper (204 attack 204 defense) as grand prize from family boss fight with mafia wars daniella deuce combos !

unite with your family to fight as one and win epic loot

there are a total of 25 new item rewards (superior, uncommon, rare)
you will have 7 days to reduce her 1,000,000 health to zero to win the fight. Once these 7 days are over or whenever the timer runs out on a Family Boss Fight, the boss’ health resets and you will have another chance to prove that your family is in charge

do more damage by attacking with 4 combination of ammo in daniella deuce combo list:

rewards :
gaboon viper (204A / 204D)
gas station guy (117A / 166D)
backup (169A / 119D)
gasolina (121A / 172D)
lemon-squeeze (176A / 123D)

dentaboom (153A / 107D)
table shield (109A / 155D)
european mink (157A / 111D)
vicuna (107A / 153D)
wavebeat cherry (153A / 109D)
kaze gtx (111A / 157D)
measured kill (153A / 107D)
nailed iron (109A/ 155D)
arm band (157A / 111D)
infrared goggles (107A / 153D)

tarot card reader (158A / 107D)
can can dancer (108A / 160D)
hooked twins (162A / 109D)
mobile bomb (107A / 158D)
face mold (160A / 108D)
pimp chain (109A / 162D)
kodkod (158A / 107D)
pademolon (108A / 160D)
purple haze (162A / 109D)
regale (107A/ 158D)

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