Mafia Wars Defeat Carlo The Coach Combos

By | February 28, 2012

Defeat carlo the coach in mafia wars using combos ! this boss fight is for the new secret district : by the bookie

from this images carlos really looks like Jose Mourinho

use the right ammo combo to activate 4 move combos, special combos do greater damage to the boss !

here are the combos list you can use to give a big atk damage :
green combo : knuckles punch, odds in favor, odds in favor, crack of the bat
yellow combo : knife slash, knuckles punch, odds in favor, crack of the bat
red combo : odds in favor, knife slash, odds in favor, knuckles punch

carlo the coach health :
bronze : 2500
silver : 5000
gold : 10000
ruby : 20000

rewards :
metal tipped studs
bronze : 108A / 159D
silver : 118A / 169D
gold : 128A / 189D
ruby : 138A / 209D