Mafia Wars Defeat Ed Shane Stringer Combos

By | October 12, 2013

New secret district cover story walkthrough to fight the boss with mafia wars defeat ed shane stringer combos !
new loot rewards on cover story secret district :
papercut (148A/200D) – weapon
tweed hat (200A/149D) – armor
pony express (148A/200D) – animal

for mastery reward is a newsbike vehicle that you can upgrade into :
bronze : 237 attack 183 defense
silver : 208 attack 249 defense
gold : 277 attack 191 defense
ruby : 297 attack 195 defense

Editor shane stringer’s got news for you and it’s not so good. He has a way with words and can write anyone off. Tae him down before you become his next headline.
If you master this cover story secret district to the ruby level before 10/22/2013 11:59 pm pdt, you can reset your progression for 50 RP without losing your loot and rewards, which will let you master this secret district again. You can reset your progression a maximum of 3 times, and can earn mastery rewards a maxmum of 5 times. You will also get 1 skill point on completing job.

boss fight mafia wars ed shane strigner combo :
Green : Knuckles – Typeset – Bat – Typeset
Yellow : Knife – Bat – Typeset – Knuckles
Red : Typeset – Knife – Knuckles – Typeset

loot reward for defeat ed. shane stringer is a chic typewriter weapon with stats :
bronze : 198 attack 229 defense
silver : 208 attack 249 defense
gold : 218 attack 269 defense
ruby : 228 attack 289 defense