Mafia Wars Defeat Esq J Lawless Combos

By | May 3, 2013

Use the vital evidence as a new ammo boss boost for mafia wars defeat esq j lawless combos in new secret district : case dismissed !
for this boos fight you can get a superior vehicle : paycheck
with stats to upgrade :
bronze – 157 A 191 D
silver – 167 A 211 D
gold – 177 A 231 D
ruby – 187 A 251 D

loot items that you can get from case dismissed :
justified – 126 A 177 D (weapon)
eyewitness – 177 A 126 D (henchmen)
law-full – 177 A 126 D (armor)
hooded mouse – 185 A 132 D (vehicle)
adjourned (ruby) – 259 A 157 D (weapon)

Complete the ruby mastery before 5/13/2013 11:59 PM PDT and get a chance to reset your progression and master this secret district again
Esq. J. Lawless loves to object and if he doesn’t have proof, he can make up convincing piece of evidence. He is ruthless with his questions and merciless with the opposition. Take him down before he makes you plead guilty.

If you master this secret district to the ruby level before 5/13/2013 11:59 PM PDT, you can reset your progression for 50 RP without losing your loot and rewards, which will let you master this secret district again. You can reset your progression a maximum of 3 times, and can earn mastery rewards a maximum of 4 times. You will also get 1 skill point on completing every job.

here are the mafia wars esq j lawless combo :
green : bat – bat – evidence – knife
yellow : evidence – evidence – knife – knuckles
red : evidence – knife – knuckles – bat

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