Mafia Wars Defeat Frank Carver Combos

By | August 22, 2012

Get the superior cleft (153A/215D) by defeat mafia wars frank carver with combos ! he is the new boss fight on new secret district : slaughterhouse !

Immune to the smell of blood, frank carver can easily pass you off as a piece of raw meat. All it takes is a slit to pleasure him. Attack and take him down before you end up on his hooks

there’s a new ammo to attack frank carver : tender hook

mafia wars frank carver combo :

Green: Hook, Hook, Bat, Knife
Yellow: Knuckles, Bat, Hook, Bat
Red: Bat, Knuckles, Hook, Knife

frank carvers health :
bronze : 2500
silver : 5000
gold : 15000
ruby : 25000

you need to upgrade the loot from bronze to ruby to get the superior stats
bronze : 123A / 155D
silver : 133A / 175D
gold : 143A / 195D
ruby : 153A / 215D

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