Mafia Wars Defeat Huey Wright Combos

By | January 6, 2013

Defeat frank carver in new secret district : vaudevillains with new ammo : stage help using mafia wars huey wright combos !

Huey wright’s sole goal is to destroy every successful vaudeville show there is,. He’s out for your theater and your show. Take him out before he pulls the curtains on you, permanently.

you could win this valuable item :
ritz-maker – ruby (234A/170D)

banner for this event :
the name should be huey wright instead frank carver

you can get these loot rewards from vaudevillains secret district :
boy scout 109A/160D
witless protection 160A/109D
widowbreaker 109A/160D
follies showgirl 115A/168D
hat psycho – ruby (140A/242D)

combine 4 ammo to attack for boss fight, you will have 3 combos !
huey wright combo :

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