Mafia Wars Defeat Jemima Worth Combos

By | February 6, 2015

Mafia Wars Defeat Jemima Worth Combos to attack the boss fight using in new secret district : such a gem, you could win this valuable item : decked out on ruby (371 A / 270 D)
you will need a new ammo for boss fight : adorned that you can get by farming from job or the free gift page.

All that glitters is gold for Jemima Worth. She knows a diamond in the rough and will polish the life out of them. Literally ! Take her out before she makes more cuts on you than her priceles diamonds.

here are the combination that you can use for mafia wars jemima worth combo

If you master such a gem secret district to the ruby level before 2/15/2015 12:00 AM PST, you can reset your progression for 50 RP without losing your loot and rewards, which will let you master this secret district again. You can reset your progression a maximum of 3 times, and can earn master rewards a maximum 4 times. You will also get 1 skill point on completing every job.

if you win the boss fight then you can get this reward :
spar-kill with stats :
bronze A 266 D 316
silver A 276 D 326
gold A 286 D 346
ruby A 296 D 366