Mafia Wars Defeat Jonah Abrumsky Combos

By | June 14, 2012

Get ready to defeat new boss fight for lighthouse lobbying with mafia wars jonah abrumsky combos !

as usual, when the new secret district we have a family boss fight and maybe a new ammo to attack him ?

too bad there’s no images of new mastery loot item rewards yet, but we will update this when we get more info 🙂

update :
unlock combos with these 4 items in a row :
crack of the bat – robbing
knife slash – jobs
knuckles punch – fighting
crate of hooch – ask friends

mafia wars jonah abrumsky combo :
green combo : knife slash – knuckles punch – crack of the bat – crate of hooch
yellow combo : knuckles punch – knuckles punch – crate of hooch – crate of hooch – knuckles punch
red combo : crate of hooch – crate of hooch – knife slash – knife slash


boss loot reward : double crested cormorant
with stats upgraded for
bronze : 145A 114D
silver : 165A 124D
gold : 185A 134D
ruby : 205A 144D

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