Mafia Wars Defeat Marina Skipper Combos

By | February 8, 2014

New secret district cape courage walkthrough to fight the boss with mafia wars defeat marina skipper combos !
new loot rewards on cape courage secret district :
chain gang (217A/165D) – weapon
wary wavemaker (217A/165D) – vehicle
en-trench (166A/217D) – body
sei whale (225A/174D) – animal

for mastery reward is a dockhand henchmen that you can upgrade into :
bronze : 204 attack 258 defense
silver : 208 attack 278 defense
gold : 212 attack 298 defense
ruby : 216 attack 318 defense

There’s a new sheriff in town, and she runs a pretty tight ship. Marina Skipper is here to rock the boat and take no prisoners. Find your sea legs and take her down before she blows you out of the water !
If you master this cover story secret district to the ruby level before 2/18/2014 11:59 pm pdt, you can reset your progression for 50 RP without losing your loot and rewards, which will let you master this secret district again. You can reset your progression a maximum of 3 times, and can earn mastery rewards a maxmum of 5 times. You will also get 1 skill point on completing job.

boss fight mafia wars marina skipper combo :
Green : Knuckles – Knife – Bat – Light
Yellow : Light – Light – Knife -Knuckles
Red : Bat – Light – Light – Knife

loot reward for defeat marina skipper is a cope n float armor with stats :
bronze : 250 attack 219 defense
silver : 270 attack 229 defense
gold : 290 attack 239 defense
ruby : 310 attack 249 defense