Mafia Wars Defeat Referee Rozario Combos

By | August 3, 2012

Defeat mafia wars referee rozario combos ! so you can attack him with a great damage 🙂

the new secret district : on your marks just released, and we have a new boss fight !

rederee rozario health for bronze, silver and ruby :
2500, 5000, 15000, 25000

use the right combination of ammo for combo :
crack of the bat – robbing
knife slash – jobs
knuckles punch – fighting
juice – boss boost (ask friends)

here’s the referee rozario combos :
Green : Juice/Knuckles/Bat/Knuckles
Yellow : Bat/Juice/Knife/Juice
Red : Juice/Bat/Knife/Knuckles

boss reward : ear pierced
bronze (120A/152D)
silver (130A/172D)
gold (140A/192D)
ruby (150A/212D)

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