Mafia Wars Dr. Sarah Swift Combos

By | December 3, 2011

Fight and use mafia wars dr.sarah swift combos with your family and get some new loot !

Clyde Axworthy is being pushed out by Dr. Sarah Swift, the new Family Boss who thinks there’s not enough room for the both of ’em.
Use the collaborative strength of your family to show her that she’s not as dangerous as she thinks she is, and be among the top contributors to the fight for a chance to recieve the Supercharged Death Ray (201/201) when your family beats her!

use the right combination of consumables ammo to beat her :
– backstap (from jobs)
– crowbar swing (from robbing)
– sucker punch (from fights)
– rifle round (from friends)

here are the combo for family boss fight dr sarah swift :

and get some new superior loot as reward :
– vertical incline (127A/86D)
– darwin’s fox (127A/86D)
– ridgeline fighter (129A/88D)
– glow lenses (94A/139D)
– supercharged death ray (201A/201D)


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