Mafia Wars Epic Family Boss Fights

By | August 23, 2011

Your family will soon be facing mafia wars epic family boss fights ! starting with jeff the knife.

Some epic bosses are on their way and it’s going to take the collaborative strength of your family to defeat them! and here’s one of the loot rewards that you can get
blade’s blade (135A/96D)
quality : superior
location : boss fight

usually, you are able to complete the boss fights on your own, but this time, it will take the collaborative strength of your family to defeat them! hop on your thai centipede and pull your laser squirrel out because this will be no easy feat.

looks like there are 4 new ammo items that will be using for this boss fight, maybe using combo again ?
– backstab
– sucker punch
– crowbar swing
– rifle round

Update : here are mafia wars for family boos fight guide
Unite with your family to fight as one and win epic loot ! you will have limited days to beat boss, and when the timer runs out on a family boss fight, the boss’ health resets and you will have another chance to ptove your family is in charge

choose a role ! there are 3 roles :
Bruiser : Grants you the ability to cast the double damage buff on someone who has requested help.
Arsonist : Can cast a buff that will reduce the Boss’s rage so that more damage can be done.
Racketeer : Resets your Fatigue so you reduce the cost of Stamina for your attacks.


red : boss health meter
attack the boss using consumables and stamina . damage is based on your strength

brown : boss rage meter
the more rage a boss gains, the less damage they’ll take from your group’s attacks

blue : fatigue meter
the higher your fatigue, the more stamina you spend on each attack

There are two ways to inflict damage upon a Family Boss :
1) Use stamina to deal an amount of damage determined by your attack skill and the Family Boss’ current level of rage, and
2) Use Family Boss Fight ammos:
There are four consumables that can be used for this boss fight, here’s how to get them :
Backstab drops from Jobs and will do between 80-110 in damage.
Crowbar Swing drops from Robbing, and will do 70 damage.
Sucker Punch drops from Fighting, and can do between 90-100 in damage.
Rifle Round is available by using the ‘Ask’ button, and can do between 100-130 in damage

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