Mafia Wars Ice Season

By | July 13, 2011

Collect ices to earn mastery tier items that drop automatically in fights. Your total ices at the end of the week determine your grand prize item. Earn reputation badges and new mastery items each week by icing opponents in Icing Seasons!

ice season 01 reward : Arctic Fox in diamond tier stats (152A/112D)

Ice players from the fight list each week to earn reputation badges and cool rewards. The fun starts every Tuesday at 11AM PDT and goes for a whole week. There is a timer on the home page to keep you on track for completing the season.
At the start of each season, you start fresh with zero ices. However, your overall ice count will remain the same.

There are 5 mastery tiers – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Ruby, and Diamond. Each mastery tier contains fight loot items that you receive when you ice enough players.

You can find players to ice from the fight list. Attack your opponent until his or her health reaches below 20 to claim an ice

here’s some F.A.Q from zynga support about ice seasons in mafia wars :

Q: How do I get a grand prize item ?
A: You will receive one grand prize at the end of each season. Your grand prize is determined by the number of ices you have at season’s end. For example, if you have 180 ices, you will earn the ruby-colored grand prize or the gold-colored grand prize for 179 ices.

Q: How do I collect my grand prize ?
A: When the season ends, there will be a “collect” button on your Ice Season homepage banner. Don’t worry. If you start the next Season without collecting, your grand prize will be added to your Inventory page.

Q: How do reputation badges work ?
A: Simple. The more ices you have, the higher your reputation goes. There are 25 badges from which you can earn starting with Bronze 1 for newbies and Diamond 5 for the super hardcore fighters.

There are five tiers – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Ruby, and Diamond. Each tier has five badges ranked from 1 to 5 that you earn based on the number of ices you have for the season.

Q: Where does my icing reputation badge show up?
A: Your badge will appear next to your name on the fight list as well as on your profile page. The badge that appears will be based on your previous week’s efforts. The current season you are playing will determine the badge that appears for the following week.

Q: What if I don’t play Ice Seasons for a few weeks. What happens to my icing badge?
A: Your badge will restart as Bronze 1 when you return. Keep icing in the current season to upgrade your reputation badge for the following week.

coming soon :New Ruby Mastery Loot in Brazil, i think you already see the arabian stallion sneak peek and now what left are Assassin Boss Fight: The Raven – ROUND 2 and New Mission Event: Ties That Bind for a Glamour Helmet (62/150).

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