Mafia Wars Jimmy The Torch Combos

By | March 7, 2012

New secret district : the great fire will be based on chicago and you will have a boos fight : defeat jimmy the torch in mafia wars with combos !

the reward is mastery item that you can improve by defeating jimmy for each level : jimmy’s blowtorch
bronze : 127 A / 107 D
silver : 147 A / 117 D
gold : 167 A / 127 D
ruby : 187 A / 137 D

and once you completed all jobs and win the boss fight you can get foam extinguisher !

i will update mafia wars jimmy the torch combos when it released 🙂

okay it’s out, and here are the 3 combos :

these are the weapons you can use for combo
knuckles punch
crack of the bat
vintage lighter
knife slash

use the correct order of ammos to activate 4 move combos, special combos do greater damage to the boss !

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