Mafia Wars Mystery Boost

By | July 10, 2011

Look on free gifts ! unleash the explosion, send a fiery blast of mafia wars mystery boost for your friends

mystery boosts – unleash the power of fighting boosts

what kind boost do you get inside mystery boost ?
from mafia wars blog explanation :
“Each Mystery Boost gift contains 2-3 kinds of boosts pulled from 28 different Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Superior boosts that help you fight, rob, and complete jobs. Whether you get 2 or 3 kinds of boosts is random, you could end up with 4 of the same Superior boost, 9 each of 3 Common boosts (27 total), or a random mix of Common, Uncommon, Rare, Superior, and Premium boosts.”

here are some boost items that your mystery boost can contain :
– adrenalines
– bouncers
– corporate muscles
– fast cashes
– flaming shots
– hobo lookouts
– problem solvers
– protective suits
– shave & a haircuts

what else can you get ? tell us here 🙂

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