Mafia Wars Roughhouse Rafael Combos

By | May 11, 2011

Mafia Wars Roughhouse Rafael Combos ! it’s a whole new boss fight !

defeat roughhouse rafael in mafia wars

load up an ammo – use ammos to attack the boss
to attack roughouse rafael use combo with 4 consumables that can be looted from jobs, robbing, fighting and free gift

unlock combos – use the correct order of 4 ammos in a row to unlock combos, special combos do greater damage to the boss
1st combo : +60 to +100 atk
2nd combo : +140 to +200 atk
3rd combo : +70 to +110 atk – mission combo | mission locked

fight to finish – get to gold mastery to defeat the boss

The 3 Combos for fighting the Boss are as follows:
1. Knife Slash – Knife Slash – Knife Slash – Knife Slash
2. Shotgun Blast – Knuckles Punch – Knife Slash – Shotgun Blast
3. Crack the Bat – Crack the Bat – Knuckles Punch – Crack the Bat

Response from Customer Care, relating the 3rd possible Ammo Combination. In-short, the 3rd combination is still locked in the game and it will be available with a NEW MISSION, which shall be introduced by Zynga ASAP. In-between, don’t master your GOLD Level, as once you do the same, you will be skipping this Achievement~

i got this info from smiley c comment on mwlootlady site

update :
i don’t know why the combos are broken and doesn’t work for some players

You have to finish the mission before it works, but here’s the screenshot for the combos that worked yesterday

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  • Craig

    Your third listed combo is wrong. It is actually crack bat > crack bat > knuckles > crack bat

  • culi

    the second combo does not work any more

  • poison

    nothing workd

  • jason bourne

    crack bat > crack bat > knuckles > crack bat, isn’t working too… just like the first one…

  • apmauj

    the three combos worked, for the 3rd one you must complete the black and blue mission…

  • lunadna

    craig : bat + bat + knuckles + bat did not work

  • Craig

    All the combos shown in the screen shot do work. If you have not completed the Black & Blue Mission though, the 3rd combo will not unlock and therefore will not work.

  • Barbara

    I don’t know if I did the black and blue is there a way to check to see if i’ve done it? I know I finished one that said something like Fight Combo at the end but I don’t know if there was any info other than that. How can I check?

  • Don of Dons

    ok all you have to do is click on missions see all in the grey bar and your pending missions will be displayed to complete. Some may have expired if they were time based.

  • Don of Dons

    Ok I can get bats at robbing (rarely) but how do you get the shot gun blasts there is no gifting them anymore!! Also it takes a heck of a lot now to kill him (pretty much impossible without combos) any suggestions?

  • sweet

    bloody > crack > knife > shotgun = 100 to 120
    bloody > bloody > bloody > bloody = 200 to 600