Mafia Wars Secret Code Access Lost

By | May 8, 2010

Mafia Wars Secret Code Access Lost :( Did you forgot / lost secret code for central mainframe on mafia wars ?


well don’t worry many players did the same thing :P i tried to look for solution and find it on mafia wars forum.

send a support ticket and they will resend the code :D

here’s one of the support ticket replied :

Thanks for contacting Zynga.

My name is XXX and I will be more than happy to assist you. I am sorry to hear you misplaced the Secret Code, as a Mafia Wars player I understand how frustrating this can be and I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

XXX, since you are a valued Zynga Customer and as a one time courtesy I will provide you with the Secret Code for your account. Your code is *blanked out by me*. Remember, to use it please go to your Mafia Wars Home Page and enter the code into the Secret Code Area, then submit your code.

I hope this solves your issue, if you have any other issue or question please, do not hesitate and contact us back I am always happy to help! By the way, if you have been adding all your skills points evenly between stamina, health and energy this wont help you level up as fast as you would like to. I recommend you use every skill point you earn from now on in Energy so you can do more jobs and finish more levels with less effort, your character will be stronger and you will find more loots.

Just like the Godfather I got your back!!!

I did infact save my code in notepad by when I open it to enter the code it appeared as 㡤㈵㡤㌳㥦㉢㡤, other people have reported the same thing.

On the forums we were told that each code was unique and attached to our accounts. Another user has reported that he received his code after emailing support, requesting it be send to him. other have shown screenshots of the Code pop-up that say “This is the last time you will see this code” and I have seen no evidence that the code is resent every 24 hours.

but also there’s a reply that said you can get the unique code every 24 hours

My name is *** and it will be a pleasure to assist you. David, I’m sorry to hear that you were not able to save the code we sent to you. Allow me to inform you that this code is sent every 24 hours. Please remember to copy this number next time it appears and then visit your Mafia Wars’ homepage to claim your reward.

I’m sorry to inform you that I would not be able to provide you with the original or new code. I would like to provide you with the following suggestion; please claim it as soon as you receive it, the code expires within 24 hours.

yeah i know that this is confusing, but for you who lost the mafia wars access code, try to send a support ticket or just wait 24 hours who knows that they really send the secret code :P

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  • 李茂曙

    Dear Sirs

    I am sorry to bother you
    I lost my personal Secret Code
    Can you give me new one

  • leon

    lost secret code

  • An Ni

    I lose my secret code of Mafia Wars.
    May I get it again?

  • aryo

    could you help me to get my secret code again in mafia wars game?
    thank you very much… ^_^

  • Jimmy FreeSpirit

    I missed my secret code

  • Don Mol

    My friend, just like me, lost his code. But the very next day he could get it from the MW home page, just like the first time. As if the first code never existed…

  • arabella

    hi. need my code please. level 570…need those points and dang someone threw it out..GRRRR

  • badass

    hi, please send me my code again…didn’t see it fast enough and lost it ty

  • betty un

    I missed my secret code
    may i get it

  • Siahaan Lintongs

    I lose my secret code of Mafia Wars.
    May I get it again? Thks.

  • Pamela

    i’ve lost my secret code for Mafia Wars..may i get it plz

  • Linda

    yes i just got the secret code back through zynga support tickets :D thx

  • bhirau

    please i lose my secret code, may i get it back

  • wong jawa

    I lose my secret code of Mafia Wars.
    May I get it again?

  • jhean

    i forgot my secret code of mafia wars..

  • sarang abbasi

    dear friend i have forgotton my code can you plz send me the new that i can excess it.thanks and regards

  • Manik Das

    Dear Sir,

    I lost my access code, cant remember, please assist me,

    Manik Das

  • sunny ang

    i lost my secret code can i get back.

  • Sull

    Same thing happened to me, I saved my code in notepad and it turned into a mess. Hope I’ll get the new one soon, because this is annoying.

  • simon m sugondo

    i lost my acceess code, can i get it once more? thks.

  • D

    threw the code away after using it the first time not realizing I needed the same code every day. Sent support tix to Zynga yesterday morning and now, 24 hrs later, still no response from zynga, so no code for me and no code on the homepage

  • lothar marley

    Lothar my name …. I forgot my access code
    Can you send me access code again
    I need your help ……ty…

  • allan dody alpino

    Dear Sirs

    I am sorry to bother you
    I lost my personal Secret Code
    Can you give me new one

  • irawan

    I lost secret code, how I get again ?

  • Michel

    I missed my secret code, pleace help me.

  • Kamama Burpo

    I used my secret code the first time and it worked. Went to use it again and now it doesn’t work. I have tried it several times but still does not work.

    • admin

      guys if you lost the secret code, you can try submit a ticket to zynga support

  • Johan

    I lost secret code, how I get again ?
    thank you

  • Matthew Racine

    This is my second account and I didn’t write it down on this account either.


  • ron blair

    i also have not gotten secret code..its very possible i overlooked it, while doing jobs…can you resend??..thx, Ron

  • Ali ROUMANi

    we can enter the code just for 4 days?
    they said we can enter the codr for every day!

  • Curious Helper

    Guys if your requiring any assistance follow this link to Zynga Support where you can submit your problem
    Bye all
    Curious Helper

  • john

    hi, ive saved my secret code.
    but i dont know where to apply it?!

    any help ?

  • vernell

    Dear Helper

    Help me please! i have a secret code but i dont know where type it a picture is better xD thnx….

  • rhowey

    can you give me a secret code?