Mafia Wars X-Men Loot

By | May 29, 2011

Mafia Wars X-Men Loot is here ! X-Men First Class is coming to theatres on June 3, 2011, but you can get your first glimpse of the action here.

Welcome to the future for an old school style of loot event with a few new twists and turns. This event will give players an opportunity to collect loot through jobs and fighting in the quest of the mastery item.

collect x-men sets
find x-men items from jobs and fighting, collect a set of 7 x-men items to earn the mastery item, magneto’s helmet
These items will drop from jobs and from fights. For of the items will be found while completing jobs, while the remaining three you will be able to collect in fights.

x-men loot collect in jobs
x-men crest
havok’s chest
azazel’s sword
x-men blackbird

x-men loot collect in fights
x-men suit
shaw’s submarine

grand prize : magneto’s helmet
Bronze Mastery – 70/110
Silver Mastery – 75/120
Gold Mastery – 80/130
Ruby Mastery – 85/140

send x-men boosts
send 2 types of boosts to help friends loot triple the x-men items that drop from jobs and fights
find these boost on free gift :
frost’s diamond form effect : +2 extra x-men job loot items
magneto’s magnetism effect : +2 extra x-men fight loot items

send spare x-men items
keep up to 10 of each x-men item, share any spares with your mafia

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