Mass Effect 3 Black Widow

By | April 15, 2012

One of powerful weapon in xbox 360, ps3 and pc game for Infiltrator sniper rifle is mass effect 3 black widow, because of the ability of fire quickly and its large ammo capacity.

Holds three shots per thermal clip, allowing for very rapid shooting before being required to replace clips. Carries approximately seven thermal clips without mods or ammo-capacity boosting armor.

The damage on the Black Widow is slightly lower than that of the M-92 Mantis, but the capable of killing two enemies simultaneously with one shot if a double headshot is properly aligned.

If modded with the Sniper Concetration upgrade, the time slow-down when scoping is quite large. Combined with the Infiltrator’s innate time dilation when scoped in, it allows for easy kills in quick succession while allowing the Infiltrator to duck back into cover quickly enough to not take much damage.

how to get black widow in mass effect 3 ?
The Black Widow is an ultra-rare weapon, and for single player.. it can be bought from the Spectre Requisitions on the Citadel, Embassies level, for 250,000 credits. However, this can be reduced through certain upgrades acquired from certain intel.
For multiplayer this weapon you can find it randomly rewarded ny purchasing a multiplayer item pack.