Mega Grow Farmville

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Mega Grow Farmville is here :) a special item from megamind promotion in farmville

farmville mega grow

what is mega grow in farmville ?
well if you wonder what does mega grow do in farmville it works just like farmville biplane ! yeah instant grow for your crops that you have planted :D so make sure you use it for co-op jobs that you haven’t finished or for some crops that takes days to harvest

to get mega grow you only need to pay visit megamind farm !

click help out button to activate megamind and you will find the mega grow in your gift box

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  • denise

    I didn’t get any XP credit, coins or bushels when I used mega grow.

  • arthur

    you should refresh or close the game and reopen it.

  • phani

    i need more mega grow’s wer can i get plz help out me