Mystery Animals Farmville

By | January 12, 2010

Mystery Animals on Farmville is available now! Go to the market and buy farmville mystery animals now !
New Mystery Box
New Mystery Animal Box can be purchased for 20 Farm Cash.
Contains never before seen animals.
Please note that the Animal Mystery Box does NOT contain a Dog.

When you open your farmville today you will see this pop up:
The new mystery animal crate is full of all new, exclusive farm animals! Some are big while others are fast – get your mystery animal while they last!

lol ! look at the eyes, do you wonder what animals inside mystery animal box ?
Well here’s the animal list you can get from mystery animal box :
– Buffalo + 400 XP
– Deer + 200 XP
– Jackalope + 700 XP
– OX + 300 XP
– Peacock + 550 XP

well this new animals are great and cute ! specially peacock =) this mystery animals box really great than a normal mystery box don’t you think ?

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