Namecheap Sorry The Coupon Usage Has Exceeded Limit

By | November 30, 2013

As we know, to celebrate Black Friday and Cyber Monday namecheap are offering several coupons that will be valid only during specific hours, with different deals offered every hour.
The problem is 300 coupons of $0.98 .COM/.NET/.ORG domain registration is quickly gone when it start about 5 minutes

so you must hurry ! and the code for Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals domain registration is nc98reg

after you enter this code and you get this error :
namecheap sorry the coupon usage has exceeded
the coupon you are trying to use is no longer available as it has exceeded it’s usage. please remove the coupon to proceed
then you can’t do anything about it 🙁 it’s just not your day to get this deal that’s all
it seems you must clean your browser cache in order to fix this error, but when you do that.. all the coupon will gone because of the time 😐

and other error when registering domain when you use coupon and make the payment
got the message at the end “[FAILED] Reason(if available):Coupon code usage has exceeded the limit.
paypal substracted but no domain
don’t worry about the substracted payment, because it will get refund from unifiedregistrar


many other error like this when you’re trying using coupon, so just be prepare and good luck 🙂
“Unfortunately, we are unable to process your page request. You may receive this error when an invalid data is entered or rarely when our servers are unable to cope with heavy website traffic.”