NBA LIVE Mobile Game Guide

By | February 19, 2016

Play the best NBA basketball for 2016 with this NBA LIVE Mobile Game Guide ! the only bad thing is you need internet to play this game online and you can’t play it offline 😐 You can find new challenges and incredible rewards every day with live events, evolving matchups, Head-to-Head and Seasons modes, and more – all based on the real NBA.
NBA LIVE Mobile by ELECTRONIC ARTS on iOS iphone, ipad and android

Leveling Up – Gaining XP and leveling up
how to earning XP in nba live mobile ?
You advance in NBA live mobile by playing live events, head to head and season games. Each time you complete a match in one of these modes you will earn XP (experience points). As you pass various XP thresholds you will level up.

level up rewards :
every time you level up your stamina will be refilled, your max stamina will increase so you play more games before recharging, and you’ll earn bonus coins!
At higher levels you’ll even unlock new lineups to gain advantage in head to head or season games !

Game Controls – Playing the Game
At the tip-off, make your player jump for the ball by tapping the tip-off button at the right time to get first possession.
Use the virtual stick to move your player. On offense, hold down the guard button to run automatically towards the ball-carrier and start guarding.
Pass the ball by tapping the pass button. You can direct your pass by tapping the pass button while moving the virtual stick in the direction of the receiving player.
Hold down the shot button and release it when the gauge is in the circle on the meter. Your player’s shoot stat (SHT) and on-court conditions are important, so try shooting away from guarding defenders in open areas of the court. You can fake a shot by tapping the shoot button to throw off the defense!
To perform a dunk or lay-up, hold the drive button to sprint your player towards the basket. When closing in on the basket, slide your thumb up from the drive button to the dunk button and release to perform the dunk or lay-up.
On defense, tap the switch button to switch to another player. To switch to a specific player, push the virtual stick towards the required player and tap the switch button.
To attempt a steal, tap the guard button when close to the ball-carrier. Time your steal attempts carefully as they are tricky to pull off. When your opponent is about to shoot you’ll see arrows appear above his head. Tap the jump button at the right time to block his shot.
Some players have special abilities that you can activate during play. Abilities can only be activated when fully charged, as indicated by the charge meter above the player’s head. When charged, tap the ability button to activate the special ability.
Skill moves enable you to get by tough defense. To perform a spin move, tap the drive button while moving quickly. To perform a cross-over, tap the drive button while moving slowly. Be advised, skill moves also make you more prone to steals by your opponent.

Special abilities
Gaining the advantage

Special Abilities List
More information on abilities

Head to Head
creating rivalries

Understanding Divisions

Play your team’s schedule

Live Events
Challenges and rewards

My Items
View your inventory

Completing Sets

How to use stamina

Upgrading your team

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