New WordPress 2.8 Released

By | June 12, 2009

WordPress 2.8 Release!! Sure there will be many new features changed or added. Mostly on Dashboard (Admin Control Panel). The WordPress Development Team already said that there’re 180 new features =) So what’s new in wordpress 2.8 ?

I’ll highlight some important new feature for you to see =D :
– Now we can install our themes from Dashboard, you can upload or even browse from wordpress themes directory, so you don’t need to open your web host or FTP.
Syntax Highlighting. In Edit Code, you can read the code script easily because for wordpress 2.8 there’s syntax highlighting. So if you want to edit from your dashbord you don’t need to worry if your code wrong or not valid.
New Widget Interface that makes us easier to control our widget position.. just drag and drop.
Improved screen option. For you who have wide screen monitor, you can control Dashboard up to 4 column. You can also fit in your screen for edit post or page, like hide the table author, comment, date, or else.
– And surely in wordpress 2.8 it’s lighter and page load faster than the usual 🙂

There are more new features of course, i’m only highlight some that important for me 😛 Anyone want to add ?

Official release post: