New Years Party RSVPs Cafe World

By | December 29, 2010

New Years Party RSVPs Cafe World again ? yeah you will need to get some rsvp invitation for cafe world new years party goals
cafe world rsvp

here are the number of rsvp you will need for new years party quest :
new years party II : 2 RSVPs
new years party IV : 6 RSVPs
new years party VI : 18 RSVPs

how to get rsvp in cafe world ?
you can click ask button and send request to your friend or buy with cafe cash, but there’s a problem with rsvp… because you can only send to friends who haven’t accept this request

here’s the problem with the last quest that using rsvp :
While working on the Holiday Dinner quest, some players have been unable to send and receive RSVP’s. This issue may also include receiving the RSVPs and not being counted in the quest. We are currently working on a solution for this issue and should have it resolved soon.

If you choose to submit a support ticket please put “RSVP” at the start of your support ticket and then briefly describes the problem you are experiencing.

Please also make sure to include your Facebook UID number so we can investigate the issue further.

and here’s the best comment so far on cafe world forum by jurassiraptor :
A lot of us already used all of our RSVP requests on the Christmas guest list, and don’t have enough neighbors left who play the game to send more to. By not letting us send RSVPs to the people who we’ve already sent them to on the previous, completely unrelated set of goals, Zynga is forcing us to either:
1. Add a bunch of people who we don’t know as friends just to get neighbors (against Facebook TOS)
2. Spam all of our current friends with requests (against TOS and a good way to get yourself blocked or unfriended)
3. Pay up REAL MONEY for the Cafe Cash to complete the goal.

I am hoping this is just a glitch or an oversight that will be corrected soon. If not, I (and a lot of other people) will not be participating in this latest scam.

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  • priya

    yes,i too feel that we should be allowed to send RSVPs to all our neighbours again n again…the is we are not allowed to send the invite to same neighbours.since we lack neighbours it is bad idea to send invites to all our frnds in frnds list jus for the sake of being a RSVP member.

  • Diane

    I too am getting upset with how much we need to spam people for requests anymore. I wish they wouldn’t force us to spam in order to complete quests, if they would make it so we are able to complete it on our own, but chose to ask for help from friend’s to speed it up would be ok… GRrrr.

    But for the real reason I am on your site today, I am in a Cafe World group, and I was wondering, is it ok if I copy the catering orders information off of your site into the group? I will put the page link with it also, so people can go to your site if they want further info, but I would also like to post the main info on our group page so people could do a quick glance over the catering orders before they decide to set up what catering order to do. Although, if I feel up for it, I might edit some of the info to add how long each food item takes to cook.

    If you don’t want me to copy any info, do I have permission to just link to each catering order page?

    Thanks, and nice site. It is very helpful!

    • admin

      sure diane 🙂 thx to link back ^^
      maybe you can help to give us some tips for how long food to cook in the comments here too ?

  • Chrissy

    Its 18 RSVP’s for last set, not 10.

  • Sista Jue

    New Year’s Party VI

    It used to be 18 RSVPs
    not its 10

    It shows I’ve completed – I have 3 check marks
    but nothing happens when I click OK
    My dish is not unlocked
    and I can’t start VII
    I would like to finish this before Jan. 10 if possible.

  • Deb H

    I’ve been bugging Zynga about this for quite a while. They are telling me its a glitch & are working on it. I had to buy them but I kept writing to them so they sent back the CW cash I spent & sent all the RSVP’s I needed. If you go to Support (under the Cafe stuff) you should see the NY’s RSVP glitch listed. There is a Vote to Fix This on the R.H. side of the page. Pls vote!! Daily!!

  • Mel

    I have finished the New Years catering, which i belive is that last item for teh champagne tower, however, It shows that i have completed 7/8 tasks. What gives? What am I missing? Why doesn’t the tower flow?


  • Alex

    Same as Mel. Did the new years catering, but still no flowing champagne tower. This sucks.