Nursery Barn FarmVille

By | April 16, 2010

Nursery Barn FarmVille ! Construct a nursery barn with construction materials from your friends to house your baby foals and calves !


A nursery barn frame has been placed in your gift box to get you started 🙂

when you put the nursery barn frame on your farm you will see this pop up :
You’ve started building your nursery barn – a building to house your baby foals and calves !
Let your friends know so they can send you construction materials !


you will need to collect 10 for each nursery barn materials :
wooden board

Please note that the components displayed on the Free Gifts Page are randomized. As such, the components displayed on the Free Gifts Page may be different for each player. Each player should be able to send one of the two components specific to the Nursery Barn (Bottles and Blankets), and two of the components shared with the Horse Stable.


hmm.. but i will think there will be nursery barn material links available soon 😛
update : please see the farmville nursery links for the material links !

you can purchase the compontents from the market for 1 farm cash per item
you can ask for more for the materials, just click ‘ask for more’ button then it will post a feed to your walls and let other know what component you need.

when you reach 25 items for nursery barn you will get a pop up that you can share the random bonus material for your friends who click it on your wall.

when you complete the nursery barn, you will get a grey foal and then you can give grey foal bonus for your friends who click the feed on your wall.

you can store up to 20 baby foals and calves in your stable and you only have 1 limit for nursery barn per farm.

you can harvest the foals and calves that stored in your Nurseryevery 24 hours. Eventually, you’ll be able to use the Nursery to grow your foals and calves up!

here’s the complete nursery barn on Ikith farm

and looks like someday we can expand the nursery barn 😀

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