Open Doors to Escape Walkthrough

By | June 18, 2013

Can you solve all the puzzle door for this Mobest Media room escape game ? because if you try to click a door, then you must open it by finding the key so you can move to other doors. If you stuck then search how to finish it in open doors to escape walkthrough ! there’s no back arrow, so if you don’t know how to open the door you will stuck on that level for a long time 😛
there are no door numbers, so you can search the hint for the items around the door

here all the solution for all 30 doors :

door with painting :
color combination, change the circle into :
top left : green
top right : orange
bottom : purple

door with clock :
look on the door number : 3
change the hands into 3 o’clock
get the key from bird

door with spray can knife and small box
use the knife on the wall crack
spray the wall with the bottle to see the 4 numbers
change the 0000 into that number

door with book shelf cabinet
count how many books on shelf and cabinet
the answer is 3562

door with circle lamp
pull down the string to turn on the light
pick up the paper and see the hint
press the door

door with 5 shapes :
change the correct shape for each shape to get a key

door with triangle, square and rhombus
pick all the shape to inventory and place them to make a fix square


door with balloon
take the needle pin and pop up the balloon

door with curtain
change the red circle button into the pin color : blue green pink yellow

door with shoe rack and plants
take shoe lace and the object at the bottom
combine the items inside inventory
use the lasso on the left pot to get the key

door with screwdriver
use the screwdriver to the sprinkler on ceiling
take the magnet and put it on the floor

door with aquarium and present boxes
open both gift box and combine the hook with string
use it on the fish tank
use the key to open the drawer

door with shape and box
take all the shape to inventory then put them into the correct hole

door with go stop get ready bar
change the color into : green red yellow

door with welcome mat and red mailbox
get the knife from the box
move the welcome mat and use the knife to get the key from the floor

door with purple backpack
take out all the items from the bag
take the pencil paper and eraser
find the numbers from all the paper using pencil and eraser
change the number into 1235

door with cellphone and chart bar
get the memory chip on the bar and combine it with the phone
change the bar into : 100 25 50

door with shoes and white box
look the numbers behind shoes
3 4 7 8


door with painting and statue
pick up the knife from statue then use it on the painting

door with red toolbox
get hammer inside toolbox, use it to unhook the nails on door

door with man sign board
count how many people on the board, change the number into 2423

door with yellow warning board
pick up the triangle and put them into the correct picture for flammable, danger, biological and hazard

door with kid toys
use the key to make the car move and see the correct letters :
o i l g c

door with brown box
get all the tools to inventory
use the film with the flashlight
click the keys to get a single key
make the key shape like the the shadow

door with newspaper
open the newspaper and change the square box into :
o 5 o
2 7 9
8 4 o

door with electric box
open the box tap the blue rectangle, it’s the battery
take the key from lamp


door with fire extinguisher
move the red bag
take the extinguisher and use it to break the glass
press the red bag to get key from outside

door with suitcase and trashcan
pick up the paper inside trash can
combine them to see the correct number to open the briefcase

door with green chair
take the broom, use it to get knife under chair
use the knife to the chair
get the box out and open it

door with rose and pot
get a scissors behind the flower
cut the roses to get a key

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